Top 10 Best Car Air Freshener in India 2021 | Best Car Perfumes

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Smell anything unpleasant in your car? Does it remain in the car and doesn’t go away? What you need is a car air freshener. It keeps the inside of your car smelling fresh and pleasant always. Though it doesn’t drive away the odour, it masks the odour from smoke and bacteria accumulation. Also, it is a must to have a car freshener in your car if you have kids. Kids are notorious for hiding food under the car seat, behind the car seat and where not. To make it easy for you, we present you best car air fresheners that you can buy online in India.

Before I begin this article I would also like to tell that you should always keep your car clean from inside. If there is mud inside your car for long time then no car perfume is going to work for you. First you should keep your car clean and then expect car perfumes to work.

If you are looking for clean air for your car then you may check our last article on top 10 Best Car Air Purifiers.  The market is stagnated with a new brand coming up with a car freshener every day. So here a list of best car air freshener in India to help you narrow down to the perfect car freshener.

Top 10 Best Car Air Freshener India

Here is a list of top 10 best car perfumes which you can buy online in India from Amazon and get it delivered.

1) My Shaldan Lemon Car Air Freshener


Launched in 1948 in Japan, My Shaldan is now a world leader in car fresheners. It’s easily the best car air freshener in India. With orange oil as the main ingredient, it is as refreshing and natural as it comes.

Orange oil is known for its stress reducing and energizing properties. It has a long lasting fragrance which lasts for up to 8 weeks. The fragrance keeps the car smelling fresh and sunny.


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2) Godrej aer Twist – Car Freshener

Godrej aer twist is known for its easy to use products which are well within the budget. The best selling car freshener comes with an easy to use twist system which can be opened when you need to use the product.

The fragrance itself is a gel and is subtle. It takes you to the beach for some surf and turf as you travel.

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3) Involve Your Senses IONE01 Musk Organic Car Perfume

Involve Your Senses One Musk Organic Car Perfume, Involve Your Senses Strong Fiber Air Freshener to Freshen'up Your Car - Ione01

Involve your senses is one of the best car perfume online. The fragrance is strong that it remains for a long time even in SUV’s. The perfume itself is 100% free of ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

The car perfume is long lasting and creates a lasting impression that makes you come back to it again and again.


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4) Ambicar – Electric Car Air Freshener, Nature(Fresh And Natural)

Ambicar - Electric Car Air Freshener,Nature(Fresh And Natural) & 1 Extra Refill Tropical ( Fresh And Light )Combo Pack ,12V , 64Gm

Next in the best car freshener list is a solid perfume which is the one you need if you have kids in the car. Being solid, there’s no chance of spillage. The car freshener comes with a diffuser that fits right with the car interior.

The fragrance itself is mild and perfect for people allergic to strong fragrances. It gives you the feeling of being outdoors amongst the grasses and wildflowers.


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5) Godrej Aer Click Fresh Lush Green Car Freshener

Godrej aer click, Car Vent Air Freshener Kit - Fresh Lush Green (10g)

Godrej Aer car freshener is right there along with the top of the line best smelling car air freshener. It comes in a gel which makes it spill proof. The click mechanism in the diffuser makes it one of a kind.

The fragrance is fresh and invokes the senses of being in a garden.


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6) Amazon Solimo Perfume for Car


This best car freshener is by Amazon Solimo and it comes with the rose fragrance, which keeps your car fresh. This is a Made In India Product, and a product that is available at reasonable rates.

It has a rich fragrance which is long lasting (approximately 10 weeks) compared to others.

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7) Areon Wish Gel Air Freshener for Car

Areon Wish Gel Air Freshener for Car(80g) (GCK05)

Next in our list of best car air freshener in India list is by Areon. This is the only car freshener which advertises being environment-friendly. The car freshener is also gel based like most of the others.

It comes in six fragrances which spoils you for choice. The fragrances are strong but once it settles down it is long lasting.


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8) Involve Your Senses Music Retro Fragrance Gel Car Perfume 

Involve Your Senses Music Retro Fragrance Gel Car Perfume with DrivFRESH® | Water Based Car Air Freshener - IMUS01

If you care about the looks then Fraggi car perfume is for you. It is one of the best looking car perfume for your dashboard. People are going to love this when they see this beautifully designed perfume in your car.

This car perfume is for making your dashboard look good so don’t expect if to perform very good. Fragrance is on the low side. You can smell it but the perfume isn’t that strong.


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9) Involve Your Senses Elements IELE02 Aura Car Air Freshener

Involve® Elements Aqua Spray Air Perfume - Cool Marine Scent Car Air Freshener IELE01

This is one of the rare spray car air fresheners which you can hang to your rear view mirror and spray when required. It can be used in for all seasons.

As we know Invovle Your Senses is one of the most popular brands when it comes to car perfumes. This product does match the standards set up them.  Spray the perfume whenever it is required.

If you are someone who doesn’t need air perfumes often then this one is for you. Since you’ll have the power when to use this. Just spray and use.


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10) Rapture Misty Mountain Car Air Freshener/Perfume/Fragrance (Lavender)


The last in our list of best car air freshener in India is something which is completely different. It is Rapture Misty Mountain Car Air Freshener which has a Fragrance (Lavender). It has a Propeller design which can be twisted from top to regulate fragrance intensity as required.

The lavender fragrance itself is very subtle and makes you feel like being in the lavender fields.


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Hope you have liked our top 10 car fragrance collection. Install any of these car perfume and make your car smell real good. If you have used any other perfume then feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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