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Welcome to our blog.

I’m Kripesh Adwani. A few years ago I bought a car for myself. Ever since then, I’m loving my car and keeps on adding accessories to it.
Being a geeky guy I love to get into car accessories & gadgets. This is the site where I share all my car accessories research & learnings. I like to share what I know, and research what I don’t know so that YOU can have the best car accessory for your car.

About MyCarDiary


I started this blog in March 2018 when I got my first car. When I searched the internet for some accessories then I realized that there are a lot of car accessories in the market which confused me a lot. So with this blog, my motive is to research out the best accessories for your car. So you won’t waste your precious time searching on the net.  Apart from me, there’s a small team which helps on this website so that we can deliver you the best information and helps you buy the best product in the market.

Stay updated with MyCarDiary on YouTube. We will keep updating this website with new car accessories.

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