Top 10 Best Car Dashboard Accessories in India 2021

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Is your car lacking something? You have done the exterior. Added some decals, chrome rims and some spoilers. What more could be missing? Are you looking for Best car dashboard accessories for your new love?

What’s missing is the interior decoration. All that space on the dashboard and it’s empty. You can take your pick from the many decorations available in the market today. Choose what reflects you, customize it and make that car yours. Your interior decorations in your car speak for you. It gives a great first impression and also gives a rich look to your car. Whatever you choose, make sure it is small and concise and doesn’t distract you in any way. To help you out is car interior accessories list, put together below.
Previously we discussed some of the best decoration hanging items that you can use on your mirror. Now we have the top 10 list for your car dashboard decoration.

Best Car Dashboard Accessories


1) Indian Cross Flag 

It’s time we show our national pride and our love for the tricolour flag. A miniature national flag on your dashboard representing your country is a great way to show that.

Talking about the product, it comes in a stylish gold coated metal work with the words “Satyameva Jayathe” inscribed in glass visible on both the sides. In between the flags sits the Indian Emblem riding the peaceful ambience in the car.

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2) Aeroplane Design Silver Metal Clock & Paper Weight

ZAHEPA Aeroplane Show Pieces Table Clock with Rotating Wheels / Metal Airplane Design Paper Weight / Mini Aircraft Gadgets Gifts for Friends, Colleague / Used for Home, Office Desk Decoration

Next in the car interior accessories list is a stylish miniature clock set off by a very realistic airplane is perfect for any car. It elevates the interior of the car and is sure to be the envy of everyone. It has an antique look about it which is in vogue right now.

The product is a perfect car dashboard decoration and sophisticated and useful to boot. The car dashboard accessories are brought to you by Banson’s Power.

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3) Feng Shui Kamal Crystal Lotus Flower With Auto Rotating Solar Stand

Celebration Glass Lotus Flower On Stand, Standard, Multicolour, 1 Piece

Feng Shui is said to bring positive vibes and eliminate negative energy from the area around it. This car dashboard accessory works quietly bringing you peace and good luck wherever you go.

The product itself is solar powered and spins quietly as it gets powered by the Sun. Not only Sun but any bright light would also do. The crystal flower with the stone centre gives an elegant and snazzy look to your car.

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4) Cute Doll 4 Cute Monk Sets

TIED RIBBONS Resin Buddha Monk Statues, Small, Multicolour, Set of 4

How about adding some cute car dashboard decoration and bring some smiles throughout? You know what is perfect! Cute smiling monks bringing you positive energy and good luck.

The monk set is adorable and small. They accentuate the elegant look of the interior of your car and elevate it to another level.

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5) NIKAVI Car Dashboard Soft Toy

NIKAVI Car Dashboard Soft Toy - car Decorations (M4)

This product is the perfect car dashboard accessories for canine lovers and cat parents. Flaunt your love for your animal with this cute and realistic looking accessory.

The car dashboard decoration comes with an anti-slip mat that the animal sleeps on. The product itself is made with high-quality fabrics to give it the real-life look.

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6) Pikachu Bobblehead

ibimble bobblehead for Pokemon Pikachu | Toys Action Figure and Car Dashboard Interior Accessories

Calling all Pokemon fans to attention! Fan Favourite Pikachu comes immortalized as a bobblehead. Bobbleheads are an absolute necessary car interior accessories, India has to offer.  They add to the charm of the environment you are trying to create in your car.

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7) Car Compass

ROYALS Stainless Steel Directional Magnetic Compass

You are not in the ancient days that you need a compass to navigate but it still can be a treasure when you are particularly lost.

Set in a silver holder, the compass is a great car dashboard decoration you can have. It also makes for a terrific gift.

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8) Car Dashboard Anti-Slip Mat

BKN Polyvinyl Chloride Anti-Slip Gel, Non-Slip Pad Car Dashboard Mat for All Cars Universal, Cell Phone, Sunglasses, Keys and More (Black)

How many of you had placed your purse on your dash for it to slip away once you start your car? How great would it be for it to stay put? Here come a car dashboard accessories, that sticks to your dash and lets nothing fall off your dash.

It comes in a standard black colour and fits perfectly with the interior of your car. Stick it to the dashboard of your car and forget about your stuff falling off.

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9) Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure


Here comes another bobblehead which is another car dashboard decoration staple. Bobbleheads are almost hypnotic as they bobble away. Watching these bobble, you can feel the stress fall away quietly.

Bobblehead comes in many forms, from your favourite sports person to your favourite action figure. This time its Baby Groot, everyone’s favourite character from Guardians of the Galaxy. Dancing away on your car dashboard, doesn’t it look lovely.

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10) Vehicle Tissue Dispenser

NIKAVI Portable Leather Rectangular Tissue Cover Box Holders Case Pumping Paper Car Hotel Home Gift (White LINE)
To finish with a bang the last item in the car interior accessories list is this wooden vehicle tissue dispenser that looks as if the spring fairies have visited your car. With flowers and butterflies, they don’t look like any ordinary tissue dispenser. Pop in your tissues in this dispenser and set it on the car dashboard and it is also an amazing car dashboard decoration.

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