Top 10 Best Car Mobile Holder in India | Best Mobile Holder For Car

best car mobile holder in India

If you are looking for your best mobile holder for car, your search ends here. Car is one of the staple modes of conveyance in and as such car related services can be easily available in the region. There are lots of car mobile holders and you need to choose the right one that is … Read more

Find Best Sound System For Car – Top 10 Best Speaker For Car In India

best sound system for car

When it comes to cars, the speakers are the last thing the manufacturers care about. This has changed in the recent times but not enough to provide a good sound quality and definitely don’t deliver a top-notch sound. Do you know which is the best sound System for car??

If you are a music connoisseur and would love some clarity in your music, you need to go for upmarket speakers for cars with good bass. You can now buy affordable speakers for your car which are reliable and long lasting.

We also have a list of best car audio system which can help you choose the best sound system.

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Top 10 Best Pressure Washer India for Car Cleaning – Car Wash Kit For Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer India

Your car is dirty but how to get the herculean task done? With a pressure washer, it is not so herculean anymore. Involve your family and make it a fun event.

The pressure washer is mainly used to remove tough dirt and grime from cars and other vehicles even home furniture and floors. However, you need to choose different pressures for different surfaces. Some pressure washers can emit soapy water too.

Pressure washing can be green and have reduced carbon footprint. With so many car pressure washers on the market, it’s important we choose the best for our cars. This article helps you choose best pressure washer for car cleaning.

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Top 10 Best Car Audio system Under 10000 In India – Best Music System For Car

Best Car Audio system Under 10000

Got your new car? Everything is set; even your interior design. Now comes the next most important part which is your car audio system. Everyone is on the lookout for good speakers but no one particularly cares about the receiver. The receiver is the head unit or the stereo, which is the brains behind the system.

For a good music experience, you need to have the best car stereo system installed. Not all brands out there have the best music system for car and not all stereo suits your car. We have made a list of the best car music system in India. Now that you have the list, you can decide what suits your car.

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Top 10 Best Car Charger India 2021 | Best 12v Car Mobile Charger

Best Car Charger India

The time to commute has increased amidst the daily inflow of traffic, hence an increase in the demand for electronics that make life easier. Here comes the car charger to your help. It is particularly useful for when you leave your mobile charger at home. We have a list of the best car charger which also includes the fast car charger and connects with your 12v car socket.

A car charger is a device, which plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car and has one or more USB ports where you can charge your smartphones. This article guides you to buy cell phone chargers to use in the car and what are the important factors that make these the best car charger in India.

Points to note when buying a car charger

  • Choose a car charger that comes equipped with a LED light to indicate it is ON.
  • Choose small and compact chargers.
  • Car charger should have multiple ports.
  • Choose the car charger with the right type of USB port.
  • Car charger should not come with cables attached to it but with USB ports.
  • Car charger with a higher power (2 amp or with Quick Charge 3.0 ).

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Top 10 Best Car Dashboard Accessories in India 2021

Best car dashboard accessories India

Is your car lacking something? You have done the exterior. Added some decals, chrome rims and some spoilers. What more could be missing? Are you looking for Best car dashboard accessories for your new love?

What’s missing is the interior decoration. All that space on the dashboard and it’s empty. You can take your pick from the many decorations available in the market today. Choose what reflects you, customize it and make that car yours. Your interior decorations in your car speak for you. It gives a great first impression and also gives a rich look to your car. Whatever you choose, make sure it is small and concise and doesn’t distract you in any way. To help you out is car interior accessories list, put together below.
Previously we discussed some of the best decoration hanging items that you can use on your mirror. Now we have the top 10 list for your car dashboard decoration.

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Top 10 Best Car Hanging Accessories Online In India 2021

Best Car Hanging Accessories India

You have your new car. Favourite colour: Check; Alloy Wheels: Check; Car Stickers: Check; Now what!
Car interior decoration. Why leave the car interior bland? Add a little personal touch in your car setting it apart from others. Gift yourself some best car hanging accessories and make your beloved car unique.

The car ornaments are particularly beautiful. They are a good first impression since they tell a lot about you and your eye on decorative items. The car mirror accessories come in different sizes and shapes. They can be anything from a religious idol to a butterfly mirror charm. They also come in different colour and materials. You can also find vendors to make a custom car interior decoration for your car.

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Top 10 Best Car Dashboard Camera India | Get The Best Dash Cam For Your Car

Best Car Dashboard Camera India | Best Dash Cam in India

Dash cams are proving to be one the most crucial instruments you need to have in your car.  Whether it is another car backing onto your car or if it’s a bike deliberately slamming the brakes for some crash and grab scheme, dash cams come to your rescue many times. Dash cams can often be life-saving and save you money and time when it comes to fraudulent claims.

Dash Cams are normally smaller than your regular video camera and record snippets of video usually 1- 2 minutes long. They record over the old data, in order to prevent the memory card from filling up. With many companies launching Dash cams, it is important that we choose one that not only suits our budgets but also doesn’t fail us in crucial times. Here’s a list of best dash cam in India to help you out.

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Top 10 Best Car Air Purifiers in India 2021 | Find Out The Best Car Purifier To Clean Air in Your Car

Best car air purifiers in India

When we travel in our car, we inhale concentrated fumes, which may lead to many health issues especially if you travel in a big city. Car Purifiers help purify the air, increasing the air quality inside the car. An air purifier is just that; it’s not an air freshener. Understanding the importance of them, companies have started launching air purifiers by the scores. It is up to us to buy the best car purifier. We have helped you by going through the scores of car air purifier reviews in the market to list the best. Keep reading to find out the top 10 best car air purifiers in India.

Our last article was top 10 vacuum cleaners to clean your car. After taking out the visible dirt your next target should be to clean out the invisible pollutants.

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Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India 2020

Best Car Vaccum Cleaner in India

Owning a car is a necessity especially for people with families who live in big cities. The problem is to keep everything spic and span inside the car especially if kids travel in the car. You wouldn’t know what resides in the nook and corner. The best option is to own the best vacuum cleaner which can reach every cranny and clean it inside out. With the increase of cars in the market, so has increased the number of car vacuum cleaners. How can you find the best car vacuum cleaner in India ?? We have made a list of top 10 car vacuum cleaner in India to make things easy for you and clear the confusion. Here you go.

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